A little knowledge goes a fairway

Know your game, and develop a Game Plan with TAP-IN Golf Stats. Go into your next round with a clear strategy, and enjoy the feeling of improving your stats and measuring that improvement. Stats are easy to collect and record. TAP-IN Golf Stats is FREE TO USE. Sign up and start using now.




  • Summarises your last 12 games, whilst also building a long term picture
  • Receive feedback on your vital stats, highlighting areas to focus on
  • Analyse fairways, regulations, chipping, bunker play, putting & scoring
  • Dynamic graphs make it easy to study your results
  • Game plan, eclectic, hole by hole, matchplay vs average, snap shots



  • Cloud based – use anywhere any time
  • Best used on a computer or tablet
  • Post screenshots to Facebook

Take your game to a new level with TAP-IN Golf Stats

A concise record of your statistics makes it much easier to identify strengths and weaknesses in your game and formulate a plan of attack for future practice sessions and games. Our advanced golf apps suite keeps a record of your last 12 rounds, with hole by hole analysis of each one and overall stats that will enable you to pinpoint problem areas and work on them until you see a real improvement. Watching your scores improve as you tackle these problem areas is one of the many pleasurable aspects of working with our golf analysis software for mac, PC and tablets.

In the cloud

Because TAP-IN is a web-based program, you can access your statistics from anywhere in the world that you can connect to the Internet. This means that you can record your golf stats when on holiday and will immediately be able to see the progress you have made with your game the next time that you visit the same courses. Whilst we would not recommend inputting scores when you are actually playing, as this could slow you down and split your focus, you can enter them using a tablet as soon as you have finished.

Sharing with friends

Keeping your golf statistics in the cloud ensures that it is easy to share results with friends and fellow golfing enthusiasts. Simply take a screenshot when you are online and upload it to Facebook or any other social media site where images can be posted. Any device with screen capture functionality can be used to do this, so you can upload scores from our golf analyzer software whilst you are enjoying a refreshing drink at the 19th hole. You can of course print these images too, and display them on a wall for everybody in your office to see.

In-Depth Analysis

Whilst our application can be used as a simple golf score recorder if desired, it offers so much more functionality than that. By keeping accurate records of every round you play, you can look back and see which bunkers are causing you a problem, how often you are able to hit a green in regulation and where your putting game might be letting you down. In addition to the detailed statistics for the last 12 rounds that our golf handicap tracking program displays, all-time best scores and a full history of your critical stats is stored.


Sign up and start improving your golf now!

Golfers from the USA, Australia, England and other Western speaking countries will find our intuitive shot tracker simple to use as will International clients with a reasonable grasp of the English language. Just fill in the registration form with your name, email address and password, and you can start using our advanced golf training software right away. Please feel free to call or send us an email if you have any questions about our application.